Stuck clutch plates
8. Keep the clutch in and blip the gas pedal a few times and that should free up the disk. Jan 25, 2010 · Ever had a clutch that's stuck and wont disengage? Such is the case with my newly acquired 1971 Triumph Bonneville. You still need to change the hydrolic fluid and the coolant, strip the brakes while you are doing it and if the pads need replacing then do it. Pushed in the clutch, other foot on brake, hit the starter, and it would try to lunge forward. . Then when I go to start it the next day, it warms up fine in neutral, then when I put it into gear (with the clutch all the way Jul 09, 2020 · Apart form the checking the adjustment starting from the lever all the way down down to the adjuster at the engine, and the cable routing, if the bike has been sitting for some time after the build, the clutch plates can become stuck together which will prevent gear selection while the engine is running. Sep 29, 2009 · Take the clutch plates out,I bet the clutch hub and basket have grooves worn in them where the plates engage. By vecie78, March 25, 2014 in Yamaha Workshop. When you press in on the clutch, the pressure plate releases the pressure on the clutch disc but it does not force the disc back. This allows the clutch to disengage. i just got it running pulled the clutch in ,went to select first and it jumped forward on selection . When Aug 14, 2014 · My Kubota B2710 came with a wooden block to use to hold the clutch pedal down when not in use to prevent the clutch sticking, although I never used it and the clutch never stuck, but the tractor was always kept inside in my shop when not in use. I can see the possibility of playing with the clutch plates and trying to loosen them up in the car. When a manual transmission vehicle is placed in storage the fiber of the clutch disc is held captive, under considerable force, between the flywheel face and the pressure plate. Changing the oil in a clutch often improves the situation. By 1927, Buick had improved the clutch design to be stronger If the bike has been sitting for about four years there is a fair chance that the clutch plates have dried out completely and become either stuck together or glazed. Nov 26, 2009 · Stuck clutch Plates? Post Reply Forum-> Not-So-Modern: Author Message; ScooterRaton. enough to re-clutch your NP246 drum. Jul 14, 2011 · The clutch plates are just stuck by the sealing of the oil on the plates for many years without being used. Bike has 87000 km, the last 10,000 by me. I got advice saying what I expected, that the fix was to replace the clutch and that oil fouling was the culprit. Time to pull the clutch and replace the clutch plates! First, I got the scooter up on my lift. This occurred after I had loosened the axis to level the tube horizontal. Learn about clutches, clutch plates, fly wheels, problems with clutches and types of clutches. If your clutch won't release properly, it will continue to turn the input shaft. Mar 25, 2014 · Clutch Plates Stuck Sign in to follow this . of . light rust on the metal plates and a red "ghost" where the friction plates stuck. This sounds like a case where the plates and steels are either stuck together, the clutch/clutch cable is misadjusted, or the springs are too strong. ES and NON-ES plates are not interchangeable. If using new fiber plates, soak em in oil for a couple of hours (or more) before Clutch fails to engage properly. The oil squeezes out from between the plates overnight, and they don't want to separate when you first pull in the clutch lever. the pressure plate should move out evenly all around, not lopsided. A set of coil springs or a diaphragm spring plate force the plates together when the clutch is engaged. The problem is that your clutch plate has stuck to the drive plate and is refusing to disengage. Did something get stuck due to the winter layup? Is this common or do I need to think about taking things apart and replacing clutch parts. I can see the throw-out bearing sliding on the shaft down there, but the clutch fingers don't move at all and the plates don't separate. So to fix this there are a number of (Quite brutal) procedures like ramming it in to gear when the engines running etc but this is one method that s more gearbox friendly and quite quick. New throw out bearing as well. My problem was very simular to yours so I did this until I replaced the plates and it worked a treat. DPS6 Dual Clutch Service Ford Motor Company 10/2/2015 Version 3. You don't need a clutch holding tool to strip the clutch plates. Loosen the first bolt a few turns and then go to the next bolt. TheSwithy 16,244 views. Those are things that come to mind. May 27, 2008 · Adjust clutch cable. 87 = Actuator filter end broken or seal leaking. Assuming you can get it apart without tearing up the fibers that is. The pads do not seem overly worn and the metal ones are really smooth. No oil on the plates. my engine has been standing for a long time . Have your clutch adjustment and free play checked, have you topped up the oil with the wrong stuff ? You need to find a reason for clutch slip not stuck plates. We used the type F in the drag racing auto trannys that had the B&M clutch plates in them. +1 as always with Phil's info I don't ride my bike that much anymore, so it will sit months sometimes, and stick also. It is a pull type clutch with a 3/4 hex type adjuster. Since it is in my shop now, my proposal is to warm up the engine, then put the rear on jack stands, start the truck in gear, push in the clutch pedal and hit the brakes a few times. Ossessionato. Im looking for clutch plates for my 49 hudson 262 and three on the tree super six . Jan 22, 2009 · i have a 2003 yamaha TTR 125, ihaven'tt rode it in about a month. I just pulled the clutch plates out over the weekend. TD6 FLYWHEEL CLUTCH RETURN SPRINGS SET OF 4 @ $25. The plates are sticking in the grooves and not coming apart= clutch not disengaging. This thing was REALLY stuck. 00 NEW TD61 TD62 Flywheel Clutch Coupling 266457R1 20T $165. May 31, 2020 · If you can unhook the clutch cable at the lever put oil into the sheath let it soak, put some more in there and see if you can loosen it up. Save Share. A clutch that doesn't engage fully, or slips under heavy load, is the normal failure mode of a worn out friction disc of pressure plate that has lost its tension. Jun 23, 2011 · KEEP THE CLUTCH PEDAL DOWN THE WHOLE TIME. Your clutch plates are stuck together from sitting. The friction plates have lugs on their outer diameters that lock them to a basket that is turned by the crankshaft. Is there any way of freeing them without taking the clutch cover off and  This will most likely free up your stuck clutch plates. I can pull the lever and there is tension, but when I put it in 1st and pull the clutch the gear is still engaged. Once the compressor is removed I usually get a large socket to set the clutch on so that the spring cups are not touching the work surface. YES!!! I was excited. 020 thicker than the stock ES plates. Ryobi Trimmer Clutch Assembly Part You can probably just remove the clutch, clean up the steel plates with about 280 grit sand paper and re-use them and the fiber plates. (wouldn't disengage) We changed his oil at the same time with a new filter and cleaned his air filter. Topic: Clutch 1 Reset (Part 1) Concern: Factory-supplied clutch assemblies are shipped pre-set and locked. The clutch should not engage when the kart is at idle. If the rust bond between the flywheel and the clutch disc is fairly weak, the clutch disc should pop free during light to medium braking. Mar 10, 2012 · Re: clutch plates stuck I'm not familiar with Harley chain cases, but on Triumphs and Nortons I run Automatic Transmission Fluid in the case. Turn the engine off, put the bike in gear, pull in the clutch lever, roll the bike back and forth until the plates come In a motorcycle, there are usually 5 or 6 clutch plates. Also, I don't think that pulling the clutch lever on a brand new, oil soaked clutch kit, with no run time is going to allow you to just "spin" the transmission if its in gear. If I leave the clutch alone for more than 2 days the plates stick together so much that I can't break them loose unless I take them out of the clutch and pry them apart with a screw driver. It's thin enough that the clutch plates don't stick as readily and if they do, easy to separate. 6. do not think with the t90 its really possible to get it into two gears at once causing it to lock up the trans. Owners may contact Yamaha customer service at 1-800-962-7926. i drove the car home on thursday evening and the clutch pedal felt great!!! i said to my wife that dart drove like a new car again, even Item includes (10) fibers and (9) steels. It was only the first two or three plates that stuck together this time. May 27, 2008 · If you mean stuck as in, the bike wants to move even with the bike in neutral, then yes. Sometimes the problem is not with slipping, but with sticking. When the clutch pedal is depressed, a rod on the pedal pushes on the clutch master cylinder creating hydraulic pressure in the line i agree with johnnybravo something going on inside trans. Repeatedly pulling the lever, it just won't release. Edited June 23, 2011 by Nelly9000 Sep 10, 2012 · Just a quick note - Not sure about the SZR, but make sure it is the clutch plates that are stuck. Actually ha … read more Nov 26, 2009 · Stuck clutch Plates? Post Reply Forum-> Not-So-Modern: Author Message; ScooterRaton. The bolts should be removed in The clutch pack is made up of a stack of alternating steel plates and friction plates. KIT B - Is everything in an A kit but also includes a bolted Dale brand When we created the SUPERKIT concept over 20 years ago this was one of the first. shercousa. If you bump the starter, (in gear/clutch in), the plates should break free. Clutch Reset. I depress the clutch lever and nothing happens, If I have it up on the center stand in first and rev the engine the wheel turns but if it is on the ground it will not move. Pulling the clutch and holding it, I can separate the plates with finger tip but not easily. I have adjusted and readjusted the clutch cable and clutch basket adjustment and no matter what I do the clutch will not fully disengage. If possible put the bike on a stand and get the oil up to temperature. Apr 23, 2013 · I realize this is an old thread but the issue of stuck clutches on tractors when they are stored for a while seems to be common across brands. Reply. seeing how it was ok when parked, the frozen idea sounds logical. When you start to accelerate the clutch immediately grabs off the bars too, it has now gotten to a point that the bike isn't rideable. I noticed the thread was 7 years old, so if it is not unstuck by now split and use a jack hammer. It doesn't slip at all, even during power shifts. they told me. taking off the clutch access cover is easy too,just lay the bike on its side(so you dont have to drain the oil) and take off the access cover. It has a Barnhart racing clutch and it's been on the bike for years. It has a 2-stage clutch for live pto, and the pto side works fine. If the clutch plates have become stuck together, when you let out the lever it will creep or judder. Mine has stuck twice: once when the engine was sitting for a prolonged period on my garage floor with the clutch bolted on, and the other was just after having the flywheel machined (the virginal steel is 6. The engine manufacturer sets the idle speed of an engine at the factory. 19. Reading other threads on this clutch problem indicates I need to deglaze the steel drive plates, this is done by rubbing the plates on the concrete floor in a figure 8 pattern Feb 15, 2013 · Stuck Clutch Plates XS11/XJ11 Discussion. So, if you are the type of driver who slips the clutch a lot, you'll wear out your clutch a lot faster. The driver depresses the clutch pedal and KEEPS IT DEPRESSED. _____ Feb 28, 2015 · If the plates stuck together you would have a "no clutch" situation meaning even with the clutch pulled in the rear wheel keep rolling. This happened to me a couple of years ago and after warming the car up fully, I managed to break it free by engaging first gear and then restarting the car with the accelerator peddle slighty depressed, so that it lurched forward. Freeing a STUCK CLUTCH - CT-104. The resistance in the clutch lever went to zero and it had no spring action. When you pull the lever, you probably still have a lump of clutch plates all stuck together. Or remove the cable entirely so you can slide it back and forth while you add the oil. . I have a sneaking suspicion that since this engine sat for a while some plates may be stuck. Others (I think) have taken the plates out then re-installed - but that takes too long. So I deduce the clutch plate has rusted itself to the flywheel. This is a somewhat common thing for wet clutches that sit unmoved for a long period of time. With the clutch pedal depressed, the brakes (parking or foot pedal, it doesn’t matter which) are GENTLY applied. It is not the type that you push in like a slack adj, it has a piece of flat ste Mar 08, 2012 · Sounds like the clutch plates are stuck together. There most likely is nothing wrong and you should be able to get it operational without taking anything apart. Erb, basically standard Busa, Yuko exausts is all. any  Physically sliding a sliver, such as a putty knife, in between the stuck clutch disc and pressure plate is a simple approach if it can be done. Put lots of oil on the plates when going back together. Clutch was also adjusted on the plates. 17 inches. If you didn't use an engine flush to get rid of all the sludge that has built up then Here is some advice on freeing a stuck clutch . A stuck clutch has  Looks like your clutch plate is rusted onto the flywheel; couldn't happen to me, always plenty of oil coming in through the rear crankshaft seal. PRESSURE PLATES & CLUTCHES F2 STEERING CLUTCH DISCS F1 WINCH BANDS, WINCH CLUTCH DISKS F4. 1964 GS 160 MK II, 1967 Vespa GT, 1968 SS180, 1964 Vespa GL, 1964 I am trying to unstick the clutch disc on my Pantera. What am I missing or misunderstanding? G'day, Vinish Jul 24, 2020 · The clutch is an automatic transmission that is activated by the increased rpm of the engine. I took the external clutch shaft off, thinking maybe I didn't have it in correctly. If the basket rotating is being a problem, you can lock it in position by jamming a stout rag (a folded bit of denim is ideal) in the teeth of the cog/sprocket round the outside of the clutch basket where it engages with the primary drive chain/cog. Feb 11, 2015 · A: Your clutch plates are stuck together from sitting, and when you pull in the clutch lever to separate them, they don’t. Also, I get stuck in gears and have to push the clutch back and forth a few more times to be able to shift into neutral. A leaky hydraulic line or crankshaft seal can spurt fluid that combines with dirt to freeze the clutch. The cure is to file carefully these areas to make them smooth. Oct 18, 2015 · HOWEVER, I see the plates are stuck together. Its a fairly new mount, so still in warranty. Also allow it to "grind away" nanometers of possible extra plate. I found a number of posts about stuck plates and soft clutch but nothing about stiff clutch so just wanted to check. 87 = Direct clutch does not hold: Broken drum/piston, leaks, burned out clutch plates. I used 10w40 Mobil 1 4T Racing oil. Clutch plates had stuck together. The disc is just stuck and needs a little encouragement to release. If the lever feels soft, you probably need to bleed the clutch cylinder and find the leak. 1964 GS 160 MK II, 1967 Vespa GT, 1968 SS180, 1964 Vespa GL, 1964 The clutch plate is rusted to the flywheel. After doing some reading, I believe I am having a problem with the clutch plates being stuck together on my 2001-929. May 10, 2017 · Pull the clutch lever in completely while it's idling and shift into 1st. - Clutch plates are warped. Then start the vehicle, press the clutch, shift into third gear and gently begin to release the clutch without accelerating. The plates must have gotten gelled together, which is not totally uncommon for scooters that were sitting for a long time. Attempting to free a frozen clutch by wedging the drive Aug 23, 2004 · If a person goes to the trouble of splittling the tractor to unstick the clutch, use some very fine grit sand paper to clean up the pressure plate. Clutch plates are stuck, push it to get started then ride it and rip it with clutch pulled in untill it slips & breaks free. Nov 17, 2009 · Hi I have a ford 1520 compact farm tractor with a dual clutch which was changed professionally at 590 hrs. Clutch - Methods to Free a Sticking One- by Lee Vermeiren & John Bower (tOTG) The clutch on my 8N was sticking and failing to release when the pedal was depressed. You don't usually need to though. Clutch Plates Stuck. If the metal plates are blue from giving the clutch a lot of stick these will need replacing as they will be warped. Relatively normal. Take the clutch cover off and check out those clutch plates. I have a straight gearbox, neutral, down for 1st, down for 2nd etc. Fundamentally, the "cure" for "squawking" amounts to boring several extra holes in the pressure cap assembly thereby allowing more oil to enter the central cavity of the clutch while it is spinning so centrifugal force can push it out through the plate stack which thereby keeps the plates from sticking together and moving as a group rather than I was working on getting this scooter ready to drive after a long hibernation, and found that the clutch was stuck. It took pushing it backwards in 1st to break it loose. The type F has a higher running temp too so it can take the heat. When the clutch is together, it moves up and down the notches in the clutch bell, and after time it creates burrs in there. when i pull the clutch in the pressure plate releases but all the plates are stuck together. With the Chevy still in third gear, the clutch pedal depressed, and the engine immobilzed, the come-along did the trick. There is enough crud in the grooves that the pack will not slide back out. I was under the impression you JUST rode it, as in a day ago. Using an 8mm socket carefully remove the 6 bolts that retain the clutch springs. Ryobi 308177001 Line Trimmer Clutch Drum Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer. Ordered a new clutch adjustment screw and gasket. com www. All fibers and steels are new. How badly they stick has a lot to do with the condition of the plates, the oil, how dirty the oil is, and how long since the clutch was used. i know from experience that is possible So, after getting the engine going I find the clutch is stuck. Apr 20, 2020 · Rather than using the normal 7 plates for the ES model, you will use 6 plates (as supplied with this kit). remember to use those wading plugs! There are two ways to free up a sticking clutch. The steel plates have tangs along their inner diameter that engage with the clutch’s inner hub, which is Jul 04, 2011 · - Clutch oil is 'worn out' or burnt. This works pretty well and most times clutch life is quite good. Reply to this topic; Start new topic I have a '79 T140. My 06 sherco had the same Evolution 8 Altitude Clutch stuck - posted in Celestron Computerized Telescopes: Hello, The altitude clutch of my Evolution 8 didnt work anymore. I read elsewhere of folks resolving the issue by starting the engine, giving it some throttle, and then slamming it into gear to free the plates. Jul 06, 2008 · Pull off the pressure plate by removing the 3 screws, then remove the clutch pack (it'll be all in one stuck lump). Here is some advice on freeing a stuck clutch . I even tried taking off the clutch adjustment locknut. I also have a standard injected '79 P200. Attempting to reset a locked clutch assembly can damage the clutch spring fingers. hi guys . I have gone up and down hills and jammed on the brakes to the point of almost stalling the engine, but the clutch just won't release. Just kept pumping the lever in and out and it freed itself. Jun 27, 2017 · 1981 Honda CX500 First start-up for months with stuck clutch free up a motorcycle Bike clutch - Duration: 3:41. Sep 13, 2012 · Park the vehicle, switch off the engine and engage the handbrake tightly. Ex: Incorrect lifting leg installation . Brought it in and they said I had air in the clutch line. Best solution is to replace the clutch plates. Jul 26, 2016 · Yamaha has notified owners, and dealers will replace the clutch pressure plate bearing, free of charge. You probably have plates that are stuck together. Some will swear the spring is a design flaw destined to wear out and need replacement every six thousand miles. With rough sandpaper, scratch crosshatches into the surface of those clutch plates. Mar 08, 2014 · I'm suspecting clutch has stuck to the flywheel / pressure plate as everthing was fine before. i went to move it the other day and it wouldn't roll with the clutch in. Change oil. 5. The main clutch will still work properly for a little while if this is the case. 3:41. so about two weeks go by and he calls and says his clutch is having a problem described like this one, only worse. It sounds like my clutch plates aren't sticking as although I get a pretty bad crunch/bang/jolt when I go from neutral to first I don't get any movement of the bike when in gear with the clutch pulled in. but when I went for servicing. Then you can lift out the clutch pack (group of plates). My suggestion was to put in low gear, clutch pedal down, (it has T-18 granny), and try to get to a more level spot. The clutch on my 24 is somewhat "out it the open" and can be accessed somewhat through the access cover. That being said, my clutch seems to always be at least partially engaged. 1 Page . If the clutch plates are intact the vehicle will try to move as the clutch engages and then stall. We discussed and decided that clutch was probably rusted to flywheel. Does anyone also The clutch begins engaging when you let out the lever and the bike, when in gear with the engine running, begins to move. The tranny isnt working and ive done some reading in the threads posted here and i see its the corks are stuck or dryed out . Pulled the front of the motor, removed the old clutch adjustment screw. 86 = Direct clutch stuck “ON”: Plates welded or broken cushion. May 27, 2012 · I rode it with the clutch lever pulled in the whole time. Should my plates be noticeably separating? Like the video, is the Hi guys, Just about to install the Ducati Performance slipper clutch on my 1098s. clutch plates stuck together? pull clutch in and tow around in 3rd gearshould roll freely. :-p I have been reading different things on the forums and elsewhere, since the clutch kit didnt come with any directions, can anyone please shed some light on the correct order the clutch plates are supposed to last week was super fun lots of in's, lots of out's, lots of whathaveu's but here is the short version. sherco-moto. Is it better to just change the clutch plates and corks or just the corks and where can i get them . Might be an idea to think of if your clutch keeps doing this. CT-104 - Freeing a STUCK CLUTCH CT-105 - Cleaning an OILY CLUTCH CT-106 - CLUTCH SLOW TO ENGAGE, Slipping or Running Free CT-106B - CLUTCH DISC BROKEN CT-107 - CLUTCH CHATTER, VERY LOUD CT-108 - Clutch Slave PUSHROD Dimensions CT-109 - Clutch Release Arm RUBBER BOOT INSTALLATION CT-110 - CLUTCH SPRINGS, Force and Color CT-111 - Pressure Plate It's only when the clutch disc is slipping against the flywheel that wearing occurs. thats an easy way to get the plates to break loose. However, as the clutch wears, the plates get thinner. Sounds like you have a severely worn out clutch pack meaning the steels and fibers do not contact at all, preventing the transmission shafts NOT to move. then drop clutch a few times and try to see if freed up. 00 Comes with snap ring 266458R1 We can also supply the mating gear, 20T, @ 90. TD6 TD61 TD62 Flywheel Clutch Disc $187. Aug 20, 2009 · You can work the clutch and brake with your feet and the throttle with a stick. Posted on Apr 24, 2011. Pull the plates apart, soat the friction plates in gasoline overnight, then let them sun dry for a couple of hours (turn them after 2 - 3 hours like steaks on the grill). Jun 05, 2020 · The clutch plates can get stuck together from sitting, and the oil turns to varnish like glue. They bled it and immediately after my 2nd gear grinds. Im not able to turn the orange lock knob (only about 5 mm), neither in both directions. Could be the clutch plates are froze because of mother time. Toll Free (877) 774-0081 Fax (330) 674-4031 2011 Paint Valley Equipment F1 The old Roadster isn't running so well. buckled plates. While you can can unstick the clutch disk by dismantling the engine, it will take many hours to dissemble and reassemble the engine. Drained a bit of fluid incase it was bogging the release of the plates. Is this possible? My shop manual lists the problem as gummy plates. A stuck clutch has  30 Aug 2012 Obviously (at least I assume so) the clutch plates have seized together. Oct 22, 2012 · kinda what I was trying to find out is why what causes the clutch plate s to stick together,why don't the plates seperate from each other when the pressure plate releases pressure,when I disengauge the clutch (as in pull the lever in) I can pull the lever and put the trans in gear and rock it back and forth and the clutch will let go but then when the clutch is reengauged and any amount of The other set, usually the fiber plates, is connected to the engine. Followers 0. Mar 22, 2012 · Bike is stuck in gear. Jul 20, 2006 · I had the clutch pedal and linkage all in the same as they were in the old chassis, but the clutch won't "disengage". The shock to the drive train freed the clutch. I know there are extra plates in the stack and understand they are thinner to achieve the proper stack height. Most folks recommend kind of lightly jerking on the truck with a tractor while in gear with the pedal depressed. how do i keep them from sticking. A friend of mine has the sticky clutch prob on his blade after fitting heavy duty clutch springs, if he knows he's not gonna use the bike he ties the clutch lever to the handle bars to stop the plates sticking. He decided to let it set for then. You should be able to see the pressure-plate and edge of the clutch-plate. the plain plates have a residue on them so instead of being smooth and shiny allowing the friction plates to slide over them bits of friction plate are stuck on the surface stopping them from sliding. My first experience with a sticking clutch was a 1940 John Deere Model L when I was about 12 years old. im assuming that the clutch plates are stuck together ,so wots the best way to unseize them without stripping off the casing first ?ive tried pullin the front brake on while in 1st gear and The final steel clutch plate is riveted to the clutch center gear. Clutch felt weird, like a resistance half way through the throw. 00 that you can install on the end of the clutch shaft . Those friction discs are sandwiched between your clutch plates. Mar 13, 2012 · Page 2- clutch plates stuck The Board. Third thought is the plates are stuck together but are rusty and have expanded, causing the hub to recess further away from the bearing. I tried having someone push the car back while in reverse gear with the clutch . Clutch sticking while the bike is not running (especially when cold) can happen to any bike and shouldn't be a big concern. I freed up the valves with a hammer (gently), then found the clutch was stuck. [although in this scenario the clutch would drag all the time it is used] d. -hence I think the clutch plates may not be stuck together. This has happened before and at its worst I managed to fix by jacking up, starting in gear, get a few revs then pressing brake and clutch. I tried some of these old dodges on an FZR1000, only to find what was actually wrong was that the hydraulic master cylinder wasn't working (bad / leaking seal - a new seal kit cured it), and wasn't actually actuating the clutch. Jan 21, 2019 · Got a new clutch in. If the plates are stuck you might have to give it a little throttle to keep the motor running. Try it a time or two and if it doesn't work, let the engine run high idle and warm up some more, and try again. Jul 17, 2006 · Clutch probably rusted into the pressure plate or the clutch release bearing seized up from rust. The clutch lever compresses the springs so the plates are not pressed tightly together. It’s a common problem with old Triumphs, and it has an easy solution. The bike has been sitting for several months waiting on a recent paint job to be finished. My 4/4 has been unused for 26 months and now the clutch is stuck. Mar 20, 2001 · The car will, of course, lurch forward even though the clutch is in due to the disk being stuck. First of all, thank you to anyone reading this post, I am a new to fireblades. I took the pack apart, oiled the plates very well, replaced the last steel disk with one from the middle (sometimes the groove made on the last disk by the pretension spring causes some issues). Jan 02, 2016 · The heat of running the engine might eventually unstick your clutch plates. Friction plates or metal plates may be warped. I've given it a good massage with a rubber mallet. The idle speed of the engine is normally around 1,650 rpm +/- 200 rpm. The clutch compressor needs to be removed in order to remove the center gear from the basket and to get access to the springs. stuck clutchand I know it sounds horrible but its seems the only way to get the clutch off is to beat on it so you tighten the puller up as tight as your impact can do then you wack the puller to get it to pop I use a 2 ft long 1. My idea is to hold the clutch pedal down with a pipe or stick against the seat all the way forward then see if I can tap out the clutch/flywheel with a hammer and a big long screwdriver/prybar while spraying some brake cleaner in there. When the plates are intertwined and stuck together, they cannot rotate. You might want to check that out so if you do get pressure on that clutch rod you do not bend the clutch rod by forcing it to unstick the clutch plates. 1981 Honda CX500 First start-up for months with stuck clutch free up a  When your MG is stored for some length of time it may result in the clutch disk being stuck firmly to the flywheel and/or pressure plate so it will not disengage  6 Feb 2018 The guys on fb said it's possible that my clutch plate/friction plates are sticking ( witch would make sense due to the fact it's been an inconsistent  Physically sliding a sliver, such as a putty knife, in between the stuck clutch disc and pressure plate is a simple approach if it can be done. This problem is derived from the great pressure applied to the clutch disk by the pressure plate. On my 37 Buick I jacked up the rear, ran it in 3rd gear with the clutch pushed in, and tapped the brakes a few times. - Improper adjustment on primary drive chain Sep 19, 2014 · Some auto tranny clutch plates have the grit in the plates and some don't so they put the grit in the oil. I am going to bit the bullet and have ordered a new cable, clutch springs and plate. Posted: 10:14 - 11 Sep 2017 Post subject: freeing up stuck clutch plates Before i move to pulling the side cover off, removing all 16 plates from the clutch and having to buy tools/springs/gaskets etc is there a known to work way of freeing up clutch plates? go ride it. If it doesn't, you're going to need a running engine and working brakes. then unbolt the pressure plate and take out the plates. I cant use this tool because of the way my clutch is made, the plates are all still trapped inside – nick Jul 7 '16 at 12:20 I think your best bet is to take a pic to truly illustrate your issue. Here's something to try before taking the hard road and opening up the primary cover and taking apart the clutch plates. So, after getting the engine going I find the clutch is stuck. That stuff will about instantly free dually wheels stuck together mounted on a truck. 00 FOR THE SET c. Stuck, stuck, stuck. When the clutch breaks free there will be a loud "pop" and the engine will free rev telling you that you've succeeded. 85 = And has no 4th and Lockup: Treat as code 68 1996 916 SP. That's what you get  25 Jun 2019 clutch rod stuck after replacing the basket and clutch plates? Almost certainly the end of the clutch rod inside the case is not situated properly. Note: Shimming surface tool should be used in order to acheive proper clutch pre-load (Kent-Moore P/N J-44295). Jun 26, 2006 · If the clutch plates are stuck then you can just put it in gear while the motor is off and rock the bike back and forth the free up the plates . I let the plates sit in new oil for about 2hrs before installing them. The … 22 Apr 2009 On and off the throttle trying to unstick it. If you want to be Tim : Anybody got any ideas how to free a stuck clutch plate on a Kubota B-20 Hyrdostat? Looks like your clutch plate is rusted onto the flywheel; couldn't happen to me, always plenty of oil coming in through the rear crankshaft seal. May 25, 2009 · Put it in high gear, have someone hold the clutch pedal down, then rock the pickup back and forth. Sol “B” stuck open. If yours is like the 1st gen then it has a slipper clutch so it will push forward in gear even with a stuck clutch, mine would. Car ran great until the oil pump quit. After about ten minutes of riding all of a sudden the motor goes "Zing" and alas the clutch freed itself. The clutch on a Ford tractor is vulnerable to oil, dirt and moisture. Ok, I got the clutch un-stuck. Aug 09, 2009 · I have what was reported to be a newer clutch. I took out the old clutch plates and replaced them with brand new ones. If you have the 2 to 3 mm or less play in the clutch leaver and can feel good clutch spring pull on it, then the pressure plate is moving but some of the plates are sticking. Note: you will experience residual "oil sling" for the first few hundred miles. 5" solid pipe because its so hard to get a hammer back in the clutch area I put in about half a quart of Valvoline Synthetic 10w-30 and a day later, the clutch got stuck on me. Modern automotive oils are too slippery for the friction disks in our clutch packs. After moving the Dodge and putting away the chain and come-along, I fired up the Chevy but still had a case of grinding gears. If I c Take your side cover off , take the 4 10mm bolts off holding clutch springs on off , in the middle of clutch basket is a C clip , take that off , your clutch basket will now come off , take apart & separate clutch plates , inspect & clean , replace warn parts if needed , oil & put back together , clutch should now in gauge & disingauge properly Sep 02, 2006 · I have started it in gear and have driven it around a while with the clutch pedal down. If the bike has been sitting for about four years there is a fair chance that the clutch plates have dried out completely and become either stuck together or glazed. If some will get on the clutch/pressure plate and soak that might free it up. Did you pre-soak your clutch plates? All BDL clutch plates "wet or dry" need to be pre-soaked in a non-synthetic primary fluid or BDL recommends ATF Type F. Do this a few times with the key off and the plates should free up The van has been parked up for a couple of months and I think the clutch plates are stuck together. May 27, 2012 · The clutch cable is new, clutch is new, and the cable adjustment is correct. That being said, those methods did not work for my 27 clutch when it stuck. Your clutch plates are probably hydraulically locked together. The clutch plate is rusted to the flywheel. While keeping the clutch lever pulled in, gradually begin applying the rear brake. The oil has been in the clutch to long, clutch plate wear is excessive causing slippage, or a driving style that slips the clutch. Mine has stuck twice: once when the engine was sitting for a prolonged period on my garage floor with the clutch bolted on, and the other was just after having the flywheel machined (the virginal steel is You don't need a clutch holding tool to strip the clutch plates. But when it sits overnight and cools completely, before I even start the engine, I have to pull the clutch lever and hold it, shift to 2nd gear and rock the bike to free the plates. Sometimes you can put it in gear, pull the clutch (engine off) and rock it back and forth and they'll break free. If the clutch release mechanism is working correctly this should break the plates free. Pre-soak for 10-15 minutes, let drip dry and wipe off excess with clean, dry rag. 3/4 turn out from snug. The clutch was stuck on my '84 when I got it. Some of us just don't know how that could be with clutch springs that last 50,000 miles (mine) and more. A Toyota Truck clutch consists of the clutch reservoir, the master cylinder, hydraulic line, slave cylinder, throwout bearing release arm, throwout bearing, pressure plate and the clutch. had an old husqvarna that needed that after a few months in the shed. I tried adjusting the clutch but after tighening the screw, there was way too much resistance and I actually cracked part of the plastic worm gear when pulling the lever. Clutch is not disengaging and the amount of movement is equal to this video. Anyone have a recommendation before I split it? Dale (oops. When I depress the clutch pedal it does not disengage the motor hence I cannot start the car. Or Solenoid “B” stuck closed. Feb 02, 2013 · Tomorrow I am about to pull apart and strip the clutch plates as I assume that either the plates are knackered or the springs or something but thought I would ask here first. i pulled it apart and learned that the clutch plates are sticking together making enough friction to keep it from moving. com Disassembly Using a 4mm Allen wrench remove the 4 clutch cover bolts. However, replacement clutch plates (even stock Norton items) rarely stack out to that exact specification. which I paid $2400 to get it fixed, and told me it Clutch Disc Replacement Manual 8 www. The car was sitting in the damp woods for 6 months, and the valves rusted in the guides, it was so humid there. I adjusted the clutch and went for a test ride and all is working well. 00 New. The ALT axis is loose. Try to get the wheel to spin with the transmission in gear and the clutch pulled in. com; The Board; About CLUTCH SUPERKITS . Even if you get it to run and drive some of the plates can be stuck. Do I have to take the  9 Mar 2012 My ironhead has been sitting all winter and i went to go start it the other day and it seems as if my clutch plates are stuck together. Motorcycle clutch plates sticking together in the morning is a fairly common complaint. KIT A - Is a rebuilt pressure plate, rebuilt clutch disk, new throw out bearing, bronze pilot bushing, input shaft seal. Because of wear and fatigue on the springs, some stud nuts need to be tighter/looser than others. 5 out of 5 stars (4) Total Ratings 4, $19. Tried to experiment and see if maybe some spinning would spin off some fluid from the clutch plates incase that was making it stick. I ended up taking the primary cover off, taking the pressure plate off and seperating all the plates (I had to correctly adjust the pressure nuts anyway, I didn't do that before) and puting the clutch back together. Dec 11, 2012 · I took the bike out for a ride and all is well. So it's happened to me a bunch of times. Fits all '98-07 GM NP246 applications. If a tractor that has had a stuck clutch is allowed to set for 2 or 3 months without being ran like most people would do during the winter, the clutch is liable to get stuck again. If you can't push the bike at all in gear with the clutch in and the engine off, then yes, the plates would seem to be stuck together. On the 77-78 CB750's you will see that the clutch pack is divided in the middle of the stack by a special plate. Your MAIN clutch disc may be getting worn (2100hrs) to the point that the PTO disc is not being released. 27 Jun 2017 Unseize your motorcycle clutch without removing a single bolt. Install a bonded plate first next to the clutch hub, with the remaining plates alternating from steel to bonded plates. The pivot lever (at the end where the slave cylinder rod contacts) only moves a little - how much is it supposed to move anway?It Jul 01, 2017 · According to various sources, Commando 850 clutch plates should have a stacked height — the total thickness of all the plates stacked together — of approximately 1. Can someone advise ?? Im moving up to the next generation of mid engine Fords and just want to part company with this car that I have had since 1979. TheSwithy 16,076 views When a John Deere tractor has not been moved in a while, the clutch disk will stick to the pressure plate. The plates included with this kit are . Any tips to free this without having to take the case off would be appreciated. Freeing a Seized Clutch Disc. Aug 03, 2010 · Hi Foamy, one other thing you can do is when the engine is switched off, undo the oil filler cap ond look in, you can see the clutch plates, with a small flat bladed screwdriver gently seperate the clutch plates. Pull the clutch lever in and use the kickstarter like you were starting the bike. Re: How do you free a stuck clutch in reply to Ralph 1111, 09-13-2011 21:52:59 I would try using a thin, narrow putty knife, with the clutch pedal held down. Inspect / repair clutch. The PTO clutch disc may be stuck, broken & doubled up, or something of that nature. The clutch was no longer stuck to the flywheel or pressure plate, but there's more to the story. M. What I'm getting at is that the possible problems/fixes described related to the clutch springs don't sound right. I've taken off the kickstart lever. I just "upgraded" to a Malossi (extra plates, heavier springs)clutch kit. Adjust clutch actuator. I was just watching a video showing a new small Kubota L2501 which has a clutch. After that I changed the tranny fluid and learned what to do if the plates freeze together again. " As mentioned, this is from a mini forum and not my advice, but if you google " freeing a seized clutch" you get a load of results. If it doesn't work in first gear, stop the car and repeat the process starting from second gear. Clutch Spring Replacement (the easy way) Gadget . Apr 05, 2015 · Just a little update. Once I got it freed up, it worked just fine. I can slip it in and out of gear fine when the engine is off. kinda like a stuck clutch. Kubota provides a little locking lever that you can push to keep the clutch pedal depressed when storing for extended periods. 2008 BMW M3 and the car diagnostic showed no problem. Stuck Clutch. Not sure when the splines were lubed last. No free play and when I attempted to adjust it, the adjuster will not turn and I am affraid to break the adjuster. Moisture can turn to rust that freezes the clutch when your tractor is idle for a time. Also if you remove the plates you will see that part of the plates were sitting in oil and the other half got dried out. so looks like yes you soak Item includes (10) fibers and (9) steels. Aug 10, 2018 · 1050 Sticking Clutch Plates Hi I am new to all this but thought I would share some experiences I have had with my Triumph Tiger 1050 and its wonderful clutch. We want the clutch to grip as well as possible. gear. Jul 22, 2012 · Cat 12 Grader-stuck Clutch Came to find out the clutch plate would'nt pull away from the flywheel when you pushed in the clutch. The Jockey Journal. If it's not stuck too bad it should pop it loose. The history of the Vulcan 1500/1600 clutch spring is a mixed one. Dec 09, 2011 · Next thought is your clutch pack disc plates are stuck together and the pack pressed into the drum and then stuck. If you do I am optimistic we can assist you. I have a 2007 Tiger with 40k on the clock in really good order with a really poor clutch. Jul 26, 2010 · Help! I'm trying to get into my clutch to replace the plates & discs, but I can't even get started because the main outside cover won't come off! I've taken all nine screws out. When your MG is stored for some length of time it may result in the clutch disk being stuck firmly to the flywheel and/or pressure plate so it will not disengage when the clutch pedal is depressed. Helpful 0 ; The guy had a new clutch installed because his old one had problems. broken pressure plates. Apr 06, 2011 · The right way? pull it apart, separate the plates, I did this to mine a few months ago and the clutch has "re stuck" since due to sitting (waiting for paint to get done). I last drove it about 6 months ago. A trick is available that will unstick the clutch disk without the having to take the engine apart. They almost look like very small brake pads lined around and formed in about a 4 inch circle. The recall began July 11, 2016. This lessens the spring pressure. Very common. Just ride with your clutch pulled in the whole time and eventually your clutch will The clutch pedal was frozen in place, but now, after a liberal dose of penetrating oil, works freely (lots of play here for adjustment, but that can come later). So I gather that the clutch plates are sticking being that the quad has been down for a few years now. the stuck clutch syndrome seems to be oil related, some types of oil make this worse than others, I have no idea which type is good or bad though, but to free it try this, In neutral start the engine and get it thoroughly warmed through, say about ten minutes running time, then (with the engine idling) get a mate (or two) to push you up the road as fast as they can, when they are just about Dec 02, 2011 · Then look at the clutch hub while squeezing the lever. If you didn't use an engine flush to get rid of all the sludge that has built up then If your clutch plates are stuck together the bike will want to move every time you put it into gear, your description is of a slipping clutch not stuck plates. If it messes up the face of the clutch because it's torqueing it with no face pressure while it's stuck, then you were going to have to replace it anyway. my work order says the dealer "replaced the master cylinder and bleed they hydraulic system". if clutch plate is stuck to flywheel and you had it running you would have been moving whether you were ready or not. So OP, try changing to some different oil and see if it makes any difference. I can feel the pressure plate lifting but the plates are  30 May 2013 I think the clutch plates are actually stuck together. The steel plates have lugs on their inner diameters that lock them to the transmission input shaft. When you press the clutch, your foot counters the diaphragm spring which presses the friction disc to the flywheel. I pushed it, dropped it into first, up into second and it broke loose. Worn clutch components (springs and plates) won't typically cause sticking, usually it would cause slipping. Thought something was broke but the stupid thing was just stuck, rusted in I guess. I put valve lapping compound on the new one, put it in place and spun it to clean up the hole. You will have to take the clutch cover off ( if you do it carefully you can save and reuse the gasket), the springs, and the pressure plate. Remove the clutch cover. I now go for a short ride after it's been washed. I just kept pushing it forward and backwards until it broke loose. Another possibility is the "ears" on the plates and/or edges of the clutch basket get beat up and the plates catch and drag. I now have 670 hrs and the transmission clutch is slipping. And just like our later Honda bikes, use oil for wet clutch engines with the JASO MA rating. It is not like a welded together type of stuck, more like when the pages of a book get stuck together when they have been wet. Re: '66 CA77 305 Dream, STUCK CLUTCH, been sitting a few yea You can also press the front wheel to a solid wall, bring the engine speed up to 2000-2500 and feather the clutch very quickly but I will warn you, the best way to break it loose is to disassemble and clean the steels and the fibers, reassemble and be on your way but I have broke loose several "the fast way". Nov 10, 2012 · With a wet clutch, Often if the bike is left sitting and not ridden for some time, then the clutch plates with stick together. When I push in the clutch, I can't get it in gear, and it starts to grind. JockeyJournal. What to do? Aug 26, 2017 · 1981 Honda CX500 First start-up for months with stuck clutch free up a motorcycle Bike clutch - Duration: 3:41. Usually after washing the bike, if I don't ride it and let it fully dry, the clutch plates might stick together. When the handle is released, those plates intertwine and stick together. 1 Jun 1996 It is little wonder, therefore, that at the end of an extended storage period, the flywheel, clutch disc, and pressure plate are often found to be  26 Aug 2017 This video shows how too free up stuck clutch. stuck clutch plates

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